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 Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide)

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PostSubject: Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide)   Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 6:02 pm

Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide) WoW Logo

The getting started chapter contains information for the beginner. If you've never picked up a fishing pole in your life, or have only just started fishing, this chapter is for you.

1. Why Fish?

Fishing is not an essential professional skill. Many citizens of Azeroth lead happy and for filled lives without ever catching a fish. But there are plenty of good reasons to fish. Here is a summary:

•It is classed as a secondary profession. This means learning to fish does not limit what other professions you may learn.

•It can be relaxing. It gives space to think or socialise between adventures or battles.

•It is a good source of food, including food that gives "buffs" ((bonuses to attributes)).

•It can provide a modest gold income for little risk.

•It complements other professions, for example:
◦Cooking - most fish can be cooked.
◦Alchemy - some reagents can only be gained by fishing.
◦Others - some catches can be used in other manufacturing professions. For example, cloth for Tailoring. The main source of materials for those professions is not fishing.

•Hunters can use fish as an easy source of pet food.

•It allows certain achievements to be completed.

•It rewards certain minipets and mounts.

•It opens up some extra quests, and allows a few dungeon creatures to be summoned.
In spite of these benefits, the main requirement for enjoying fishing is patience. Some people have patience, and some do not...
2. First Catch

This contains a video step by step guide to catching your first fish. How to get basic training, buy your first fishing pole, cast, and reel in your first fish!

To start fishing you must have:
•Reached at least level 5.
•At least 1 Silver 23 Copper spare cash.

3. Junk

This video explains why you might catch junk items, and how to avoid them.

There are 5 common junk items:
Driftwood, Sickly Fish, Tangled Fishing Line, Tattered Cloth, and Weeds) and 5 rare junk items (Empty Rum Bottle, Old Boot, Rock, Tree Branch, and Water Snail).

All junk items sell to vendors, but are not very valuable: 18c each, except Tattered Cloth and Rock, which sell for 1s. The average income from fishing junk is just 35c per catch.

Tip: The most valuable catches can be auctioned for gold, so it is usually best to avoid catching junk. However, 35c per catch is more valuable than some low-level fish, such as Raw Brilliant Smallfish.

4. Skill

This introduces the concept of fishing skill, and explains how your skill will increase with successful catches.

What is Fishing Skill?
Once you know how to fish, your current Fishing skill can be seen on the "Skill" tab of your personal ((character)) page. Fishing is listed under "Secondary Skills".

Like other professions, your skill in fishing is expressed as a number. Skill is 1 when you first train, but you can improve this.

You can cast a line anywhere with fishing skill 1. So why improve your fishing?

Exclamation Higher skill will reduce the proportion of junk items you catch from open water. Exclamation

Junk can be sold to vendors. But good anglers should not be reeling in dead trees! With higher fishing skill, you will be able to catch more valuable fish. Particularly in more difficult waters, such as Northrend. In Skill and Locations I will explain exactly how much more skill you need.
Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide) Question
Quote :
Patch 3.1 changed the role of skill: Now you do not require a certain skill just to cast. With skill 1 you can cast anywhere. Junk items replace fish that "got away". Fish that "got away" did not improve your skill, but junk items do improve skill. So you can also now skill-up anywhere. For detailed analysis, read The Role of Skill (Revised). Patch 3.3 removed junk catches from pools. You will always catch fish from pools, even at skill 1.

Gaining Personal Fishing Skill

You improve your personal fishing skill by successfully catching something.

The number of successful catches determines personal skill increases. It doesn't matter where or when or what you fish, so long as you catch something. Even if you catch junk items, your skill will rise.

At the start, each catch will increase your skill by one. As you become more advanced it will take more and more catches to advance another point. The table below shows the approximate number of successful catches required to increase your fishing skill by a point. The process is random: The number of catches per skill increase is not constant. Use the table as a guide only.
Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide) Beztytuujn


Each rank of Fishing has a maximum possible skill. To raise your skill beyond that maximum, you must train a higher rank.

For example: You first trained as an Apprentice, which allows you to raise your skill up to 75. To advance above 75, you must train Journeyman rank. Journeyman can only be trained once you have 50 skill.

So, once your personal fishing skill is close to the maximum, visit a Fishing Trainer to see if they can teach you a new rank.
Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide) Question
Quote :
1 to 450 should take about 2,600 catches. Assuming an average catch rate of 4 fish a minute, 1 to 450 will take about 11 hours of continuous fishing to learn. But I don't recommend you learn it all at once!
5. Equipment & Pools

This movie introduces the use of lures and fishing gear to raise your effective fishing skill. It also demonstrates how to fish pools (schools) of fish.

Question The equipment shown in this guide cannot be purchased by the beginner, so you will not be able to copy the steps shown directly. However, the same techniques can be used for any pool, equipment, or lure.
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Getting Started (Beginer Fishing Guide)
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