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 Guild Rules of Behaviour

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PostSubject: Guild Rules of Behaviour   Guild Rules of Behaviour I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 10:01 pm

Rules of behavior

1.Guild chat:
1a: Do not insult or antagonise your guildmates. A joke may be fine but learn when to back off and always apologise if you take things too far and offend somebody. If you ask for help and do not recieve it imediately, don't get angry and abusive. Remember that the oficers are very busy and people are often tied up doing their own thing.
1b: Rascism, sexism, homophobia and religeon are not tollerated. Breaking this rule will earn you very few warnings before demotion and if the ofence continues you will be removed from the guild.
1c: Spamming is to be kept to a minimum. A little playing around is ok but too much gets anoying and prevents important information from being relayed.
1d: Guild chat is private, do not repeat what is read in guild chat to anybody outside of the guild without an oficers permission.

2.In-guild interaction:

2a: Know the differance between advice and criticism, if you feel a guildmate is lacking in some way then think of a way to suggest improvement other than telling them that they suck. A suggested method on how they could go about doing so would make a good start.
2b: Do NOT abandone your guildmates. If they are being ganked nearby then help them. If you are both part of a PUG group and your guildmate is kicked, then leave the party. If somebody is stuck, help get them unstuck. WE ARE A TEAM.
2c: Teamwork for the win! show preferance to guildmates when forming parties, selling items or offering services. Help each other complete quests and instances, especialy for attunements and keys. Every time you pull togeather and help a guildy out, you strengthen the guild as a whole.
3d: DO NOT ASK TO ACCES ANYBODIES ACCOUNT BUT YOUR OWN. Sharing your account with anybody is a bad idea.

3.General behaivior:
3a: Represent your guild well. Flaming members of other guilds or picking on new players is to be kept to a near non-exsistant minimum. Dueling somebody and then spamming your victory in general chat or spitting on your oponant and telling him he sucks IS NOT the reputation we are after. Treat people with respect.
3b: If you join a PUG team then remember that the impression you give reflects on your guild as well as your self. Do not ninja or sabotage a group, ever. If you have to leave, then tell the group why and apologies. Follow whatever rules are agreed upon by the group. If negative coments come back to the oficers about your behaviour with another guild then you will be demoted or kicked from Static.

4.Raids and instances:
4a: Follow the instructions of the raid leader and oficers. A simple rule with severe punishment for being broken. If you are given an order then carry it out without complaint.
4b: Keep Teamspeak clear. Only oficers, raid leaders and the GM may speak on vent while in a raid, chat is allowed within reason for instances. Spamming Teamspeak causes lag, a failure to relay orders and often results in wipes and angry leaders. Only speak if it is relevant and important to the task ahead.
4c: Come prepaired. Have yourself repaired and properly equiped with reagents and potions before you turn up for the raid. Holding off the raid for one person to go back to town will not put you in a favourable light.
4d: Know your job and focus on it, don't worry about what other people should be doing or competing for the damage meter, the raid leader has it under control.

5.Say no to hax
5a: Members found to be "gliding" or using hax will be reported and kicked from the guild.
5b: Members linking to corrupt url's will be reported and kicked from the guild.
5c: Members found to have stolen an account will be reported and kicked from the guild.

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Guild Rules of Behaviour
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